Lilies are one of the top five flowers in the world in regards to popularity with gardeners and flower-lovers. The reasons for their enormous popularity are obvious:

  • Easy to grow
  • Available in every color imaginable
  • Hundreds of varieties
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to care for

In other words, what’s not to love about a lily?


Lilies grow from bulbs sometimes called corms which reproduce themselves and are easily divided to form more plants. By and large, lilies do well in most soil as long as it drains well. However, if the soil is to compact, the bulbs will not reproduce as well. Lilies do not require large amounts of water or fertilizer. Most lilies will do best when they receive direct morning sun and partial to almost-full shade in the heat of the afternoon.

Lilies spend their winter making and storing food in their bulbs that will be used to produce slender, green foliage and trumpet-like blooms in the spring and summer. Not all lilies are alike in their blooming season. Some appear in early spring while others bloom in early to late summer.

When selecting bulbs, make sure they are not shriveled and dry. They need to be fleshy and firm and have a little give to them when light pressure is applied. Imagine pressing on a ball used to play racquet ball or a foam golf ball used for practice.


  • Not all lilies are true lilies. Day lilies, for instance, are not lilies.
  • Lilies make excellent cut flowers
  • Easter lilies and tiger lilies are the most popular with growers in the US
  • The lily symbolizes purity and beauty:
    • White-virginity
    • Orange-passion
    • Yellow-joy
    • Easter lily-faith

Most varieties are inexpensive; making them an economical choice.

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